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  The Issue

The whipping of race horses is our most public form of violence toward animals.

If horses were whipped in the same way, away from the track, it would be a prosecutable animal cruelty offence.

Yet the Rules of Racing allow jockeys to keep hitting horses.

Don’t party for animal cruelty – instead, demand a move to whip-free racing.



Whips are cruel and unnecessary

Good racing should recognise good breeding, good training and good horsemanship - hitting the horse with a whip shouldn’t come into it.

Horses are being repeatedly flogged

Ever seen a horse’s skin twitch when a fly lands on it? Imagine how much being hit with a whip hurts.

There will still be a winner

2011 research found 98% of horses were being whipped without it influencing the race outcome. Without whips, horses still win races.

Take Action

In an era where hitting animals is considered unacceptably cruel in every other arena, the whipping of horses is still a familiar sight in Australian racing.

Urge the Australian racing industry to take whips off the ticket.



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