RSPCA policy statements and position papers are intended to clearly set out the view of the RSPCA on key animal welfare issues. They are usually short and concise and include a clear description and a brief rationale of the basis for the policy.

In addition to policies, RSPCA Australia also publishes position papers, information papers and other documents on particular issues of interest. These documents are intended to provide a more in-depth understanding of the subject involved and the rationale behind the position taken.

The development and review of all RSPCA policy statements and position papers must ensure they reflect the philosophy articulated in RSPCA Australia’s Animals Charter, our mission statement, vision and objectives and the Five Freedoms for animals, and are evidence based, developed through broad consultation and are representative of RSPCA state/territory societies.

RSPCA policies can be found within our Knowledgebase, covering the following categories:

A - Companion animals

B - Farm animals

C - Animals used for sport, entertainment, recreation and work

D - Research animals

E - Wildlife

F - Transportation of animals

G - Humane killing

H - Miscellaneous