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There are multiple issues affecting the Greyhound Industry in Australia. This page highlights the key issues in the industry and provides a means in which you can take action and stay informed as developments unfold.

Greyhound Export

Australian greyhounds are being exported to appalling conditions across Asia where they face cruel treatment and the very real possibility of being raced to injury and death.

Greyhound Racing

NSW Premier Mike Baird announced a ban on greyhound racing in the state, which was later reversed. Click below to stay updated on the decision.

How You Can Help

Please visit the RSPCA NSW website for information on fostering, adopting or surrendering Greyhounds.

Illegal live baiting

Live baiting refers to the practice of using live animals for the purpose of training greyhounds. The animals involved suffer horrific pain, fear, injury and distress and will eventually die. This practice is illegal in in Australia.

High rate of injuries

Based on industry figures, we estimate that more than 750 greyhounds are injured every month on greyhound racing tracks in Australia. These injuries, which include serious bone fractures and muscle damage, can lead to death on the track or require immediate euthanasia.

Overbreeding and oversupply

According to the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry, between 50-70 per cent of the 97,783 dogs bred in the last 12 years were killed after being deemed uncompetitive as racing dogs.

Inadequate socialisation

Many greyhounds are never adequately socialised, meaning they are more likely to develop fearfulness and antisocial behaviour. This makes it more difficult to rehome retired or unwanted dogs

Administration of banned substances

Various pharmaceutical substances have been administered to racing greyhounds in the quest for enhanced performance. Dogs have tested positive to substances including amphetamines, caffeine, anabolic steroids, Viagra, and cocaine.

Lack of industry transparency

There is currently a major lack of published data on the life cycle and outcome for racing greyhounds. Missing figures include: the exact number of greyhounds born each year; the number of greyhounds raced as a proportion of the greyhounds born; rates of euthanasia and the number of racing greyhounds exported.

Inadequate regulation

The Greyhound Racing industry is overseen by each state and territory’s Greyhound Racing Authority. This self-regulatory model fails to ensure that the welfare of greyhounds is prioritised and can lead to serious conflicts of interest, such as the use of financial incentives to promote greyhound breeding and, in turn, wastage rates.

Export of greyhounds

Australian greyhounds are sold and exported overseas for racing purposes to a range of countries including China and Vietnam. Not only does this place the dogs at risk of travel-associated stress and injuries, it can also see them in countries without legal animal welfare protection or even result in them entering the dog meat trade. In 2014, Greyhounds Australasia introduced voluntary suspensions of greyhound passports to certain destinations due to animal welfare concerns.

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