Beef Cattle Welfare

Beef Cattle Welfare

More and more consumers are interested in where their food comes from. As this demand continues to grow consumers are demanding ethically produced food from paddock to plate.

Consumers in Australia are generally satisfied that their steak is essentially ‘free range.’ The vast majority of Australia’s beef cattle graze in extensive rangelands or paddocks with perhaps 2 per cent being finished in feedlots at any one time – it can hardly be called intensive. However can consumers be satisfied that on-farm practices, cattle transport and slaughter are humane? This is where consumers that are interested in ethical food production and animal welfare are looking and this is where the RSPCA sees an opportunity to work with Australian beef cattle producers to meet this growing demand.

Better Beef Cattle Welfare: Our Vision

The RSPCA has developed Better Beef Cattle Welfare: Our Vision to assist the beef cattle industry to continually improve and set high animal welfare standards for beef cattle production on farm, during transport and at slaughter.

With more than 26 million beef cattle in Australia, the RSPCA encourages the beef cattle industry to look at areas within the supply chain where welfare may be improved.

The RSPCA has developed a vision for beef cattle production which focuses on the areas that influence animal welfare on farm, during transport and at slaughter. They provide guidance as to how the RSPCA would like to see cattle management, husbandry procedures, transport and slaughter carried out now and into the future.


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